I am Dino. That was easy, wasn’t it? Some might know me as Dinosaur too, those who know me from ESCNation. To be more precise, I am a member of an endangered species, the straight male Eurovision fan. My fandom has started at the age of 10 with the 2007 contest (with that info you might have found out yourself that I am currently 19), however ESC was already present in my life before as it was always watched in my family. In 2015, I attended my first contest in Vienna. Currently, I am studying political science and Eastern European history in Zurich, Switzerland. My hobbies outside the Eurovision world are making and listening to music, playing curling, gaming, watching ice hockey and reading/writing, which is one of the reasons I am writing this blog.


This blog has formed out of the Music For Europe entries in my German personal blog “Blog Ohne Sinn”, but after asking on ESCNation I decided to start a second blog dedicated to Eurovision in English. It will mainly feature Eurovision reviews and some NF reviews plus my view on Eurovision news, and when I get bored I might review a few older contests, going back in time from 2014 backwards.


If you’re here, you probably know that already. But if you really don’t, it’s the most crazy and the most awesome thing European TV ever came up with, and it started the careers of both ABBA and Celine Dion. A contest where every European country (and Israel, and sometimes Morocco, just because they can) sends a song, getting judged by national juries and the public in all countries, resulting in one of the most iconic point systems of all times, best explained here.


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