Ripping Lyrics Apart: CYP16

There is a certain appeal to this song, despite it being a horribly obvious attempt to fish for the votes of both rock lovers (guilty as charged) through the use of guitars as well as the classic Eurovision fan by doing everything but denying its Swedish roots. Basically, this is what happens when you give the Swedes a guitar – it’s either that or some heavy metal. Whatever did appeal to you in that song, I guess it was not the lyrics. We’re ripping them apart for you – here’s Minus One with Alter Ego.

 Waking up alone like a man that failed
Trapped into the mist of our fairytale
And you know, you know, you know
I’m still inside

16-year-old me is very much chuckling at “I’m still inside” here. And I assume it’s normal the other person does indeed know (or at least notice).

 I knew it all along but I couldn’t tell
This kind of love would lock my heart in jail

If love was a crime…

Caught in the middle of the dawn and the sunrise
Life is a miracle, I saw it in your eyes

And if you’re still inside her – assuming it is a her – you’ll learn about the miracle of life sooner than you wish.

 Under the spotlight, I howl in the moonlight

That… does not make sense. First, if you have spotlight there will likely not be any moonlight to howl at that you’d notice. And don’t get me started at the weirdness of doing howling for someone in spotlights. Especially being “still inside”.

I heard it all before, people always say
Time can take the sorrow and the pain away

That is somewhat true, but I fail to see how that’s relevant to your werewolfy spotlight-fucking?

I cross the oceans
I fly on the skyline

 Flying “on” a skyline? I think that 15 years ago someone did that in New York City. Can’t think of another way how that’s supposed to work if you’re not flying OVER the skyline.

Let’s be honest. This song has nice lyrics if you look at them one by one, but if there has ever been one incoherent song, lyrically, it’s this. Kinda fits the fake rock vibe, though.


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