Ripping Lyrics Apart: RUS16

We have been visiting 2016 last week when we were taking a look at Joe & Jake’s You Are Not Alone, which turned out to have terribly uninteresting lyrics and was by far the least fun episode to write. Thanks to me finally downloading Spotify on this laptop (temporarily moving to Maastricht and not having my whole CD collection with me does wonders) there are now suddenly many more songs that could be picked – but the randomizer spit out another 2016 song. And it ended up being Sergey Lazarev’s You Are The Only One (but not alone!)

We can never let the word be unspoken
We will never let our loving go come undone
Everything we had is staying unbroken, now
you will always be the only one
you’re the only one

I have not much to say yet. Just a question: Why the hell is there a church bell. And please do me a favour and do NOT ever use that line in a song, even if it rhymes.

Wont ever give up cause you’re
Still somewhere out there
nothin’ or no-one’s gonna keep us apart
Breakin’ it down but i’m still gettin’ nowhere
wont stop – hold on

Sergey, I wonder if her not being dead is enough for you to keep pursuing your love interest. I mean, the girl who brutally broke my heart in tenth grade after I crushed on her for over a year is also still somewhere out there, but there’s still quite a lot keeping us apart. Thankfully, it’s the Atlantic. I  wouldn’t really want to run into her anymore. Oh, and simply breaking something down never brought anyone anywhere. Just saying.

Thunder ‘n’ lightning it’s gettin’excitin’
Lights up the skyline to show where u are
My love is rising the story’s unwindin’
Together we’ll make it ‘n’ reach for the stars

Wow. That is a HUGE number of apostrophes. Also, numerous mistakes in your method, Sergey. First of all, unless your girl is Catwoman, lighting up the skyline probably won’t help you much. Second, “My love is rising” is a euphemism in the best case. And that will probably earn you a hearty slap.

You’re the only one you’re my only one
You’re my life every breath that i take
Unforgettable so unbelievable
You’re the only one – my only one

Speaking of sentences I wouldn’t even say to my girlfriend unless I am 1000% sure about her. To someone who doesn’t even love you back, that’s somehow more creepy than romantic. If I was his crush, I’d be scared he kills himself if I reject him. That must be the bond happy relationships are made of… or not.

I could have told you to slow down ‘n’ stay down
I could have told you a secret wont u keep it now
Thinking of making a showdown when love is found
Thinking of waiting till you’re around

Umm.. the blowjob joke is almost too easy to make with “slow down and stay down”. But I cannot resist it! What is “making a showdown when love is found” supposed to mean though? He’s duelling with his rival? With his girl? We will never know… I assume the former though. If he’s duelling the girl, not waiting for her to be around doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense after all.

We now enter a whole repetition of bridge and chorus, which is only of interest if you want to expand the blowjob ‘n’ duel joke of verse two. But then there’s one huge question – why would you? Don’t kick a dead cat, so to say. And that leaves us with a rather confusing plan by Mr. Lazarev. Good night everyone!



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