Preview Questions

What the hell are preview thoughts, you may wonder? Well, as Eurovision comes closer and we (most likely) know all the songs now, I will start reviewing them maybe tomorrow, but surely after Easter. I will do – roughly – one song a day, and a complete review once we get some rehearsal footage or pictures in. But for now, I will take advantage of the many Top 42 videos available and write down a question per song (hopefully), similar to the 40 Things of Red Carpet thing I did in Vienna. The rules: It must be a question, and I am not allowed to actually think and reflect on it, which means they may be a little idiotic sometimes. The video I used does NOT reflect my actual thoughts on the songs, and is not my order. It’s just the first one that popped up in my YT search.

  • How can someone have Montenegro at #42? Like, dead last?
  • Is Georgia’s song finished?
  • Does Albania have a single Albanian word in its lyrics, and if no, why is the title Albanian?
  • As I am reading Game of Thrones at the moment, is that a direwolf in Ivan’s backdrop and does that mean that [deleted for spoiler alerts]?
  • Why exactly does XCOM operating in Israel involve filming music videos with one of their soldiers?
  • If you didn’t know you’re falling for someone, how can you be singing about it?
  • Is it me or does ManuElla look like Taylor Swift in disguise?
  • Are all mountains in Greece glowing from within?
  • What is this room QKaliopi is in, and why is there so much smoke in this building?
  • Why are you making a song, involving voice by definition, about a moment of silence?
  • Isn’t touching who I want to possibly getting me into trouble?
  • Shouldn’t falling stars be more likely to ignite a fire than to make one burn out?
  • Does “Sing it Away” actually mean anything, as an expression?
  • Am I the only one who thinks “Shakeshaft” is quite a funny last name?
  • Does Jala have Eurovision’s most epic beard ever?
  • Why can’t Rykka always look like in the video?
  • Why did Donny Montell take his date to a ghost town?
  • If this is fiction, why can I see it on live TV in May?
  • What are the weapons soldiers of love fight with?
  • Is Zoë’s time so scarce that she had to shoot a music video and a washing powder commercial at the same time?
  • If I already can’t go on, how am I supposed to slow down even more?
  • Can someone please release Norway’s captive?
  • What the hell is Frans not sorry for???
  • “Every part of me is a part of you” – is that schizophrenia or conjoined twins?
  • Why is there no hashtag in front of #LoveWave?
  • Well, what colour is your life, and does it need to be black or white? (if yes, black for me please!)
  • If your heart still beats, how can there be silence? (Also, see Romania)
  • Are ghosts actually haunted by other ghosts?
  • Who is calling Greta so badly that it makes her chest explode?
  • What in the world did convince Ira Losco that this is better than her first attempt?
  • Is the miracle needed to save Azerbaijan from another disappointing result and, in the long run, NQ? (Hint: Yes, and it’s called “the miracle of Maltese televoting”)
  • Is Jüri suggesting to play around to find out if he loves his partner, and if yes, does his partner approve?
  • Are Sanja’s dance moves supposed to look like that?
  • Where the hell are those red-and-blue 3D glasses still used?
  • How do you play electric guitars in a desert?
  • Is Nina’s Lighthouse called X?
  • What is supposed to be in my heartbeat?
  • Does 1944 actually have lyrics?
  • What is Freddie pioneering in? (It’s not music, I guess.)
  • Are those actual Olympians? BONUS QUESTION: Why is the song called “J’ai Cherché” and not “Je Chercherai”? Stick to your tenses, Amir!
  • Was “My love is rising” done on purpose? (I hope so, those jokes are less funny if not intended)
  • Is there a reason for me to say yay?

As you can see, not all songs left me with questions – sometimes it was a bit of a stretch – but if you have answers, let me know. And if you want, come back this weekend (or next week) to see the first review(s) of this year’s field!


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