3 names I’d like to see onstage for Switzerland (Romandie)

What is the first sign of on-season starting? Most likely, it is SRF’s online selection site going up. Unfortunately, SRF’s online selection site is also one of the worst things of the on-season, right before a Maltese semifinal of 20 songs and people loving that one super-cliché terribly boring song in MF and not being able to do anything about it. Which is weird, because Switzerland does have some very good musicians, and some of them would even be successful at ESC. Here is my list of the people I would totally want to see representing my country in 2016! Or 17. Or whenever.

1) Bastian Baker

Why it should happen: Bastian is closest to an international format pop star we have right now, and on top of that, he seems to be one of Switzerland’s top teen crushes. Also, it would be very fair to give RTS another chance after the undeserved debacle with Melanie René. And he has done a duet with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and back then Federal President!

Why it shouldn’t happen: We’d risk getting a bit lost in a potential sea of quality pop entries similar to what he might send, especially if he tries to send a Eurovision song (after all, we are experts at getting lost)

Will it happen? Probably not. Baker is as big as it gets in Switzerland and seems to have a little bit of an international career going on in France, so why would he?

2) Stress

(feat. Noah Veraguth/Pegasus)

Why it should happen: This is probably the most requested artist in Switzerland, which is why he has to get onto my list – even though I rather disagree. Stress, or Andres Andrekson, was one of the most popular Swiss hiphop artists and the face of modern Switzerland for some time!

Why it shouldn’t happen: He generally lost his popularity a bit lately and is mainly famous now for his ex-girlfriend Melanie Winiger (Miss Switzerland 1996 and probably still the best known of them) and his current girlfriend Ronja Furrer (One of those “Swiss topmodels” where you never know if they actually are big or just are said to be so that we have some more celebrities). And rap in Eurovision is always risky.

Will it happen? At the time people were big on requesting him to get an invitation, there was no reason at all for him to go. But now? With his popularity in danger? Who knows. But maybe not.

3) Gustav

Why it should happen: Gustav is probably the most flexible musician in terms of styles, genres and languages that we have to offer. It probably has to happen when you grow up on the language border (for info, he is German-speaking but comes from the mainly French (officially bilingual) canton of Fribourg. Generally pronounced French in German-Switzerland and German in the Romandie). Some of his stuff sounds like perfect contest material to me, other doesn’t.

Why it shouldn’t happen: You never know with this man – he delivers brilliant stuff now just to come up with a terrible boredom anthem the next day. We might just as well throw dice, because Gustav would be capable of doing a pretty diverse NF all by himself.

Will it happen? Out of those three, he certainly is the most likely one to ever do it. But then again, he is the kind of person who probably thinks of the contest as “below his level” as he seems to be fun but quite “artistic” – and of course Switzerland is not really looking to send a known name.

Over the weekend we will continue with a first bunch of German-speaking Swiss!


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