Not-so-random ESC Song of the Week (31. 8. – 6. 9. 2015)

AUSTRIA 1994: Petra Frey – Für den Frieden der Welt

First of all, yes, I am back and so is SOTW after a two-month-summer break! Having been out of everything, this was quite a difficult SOTW to choose. There have been many events lately, but a lot of them were rather violent ones, so I wanted to choose one of the many peace songs Eurovision has to offer but couldn’t really decide for one (my first alternative would have been Hungary 2015, also because of the connection to Hungary with its current refugee crisis). The thing that made me go for this song were two simple reasons: I felt a lack of songs from the 1990’s in SOTW, and it was rather easy to find as I didn’t have to translate any titles to find out what it might be about. But now let’s see how much I like or dislike Petra Frey.

I kinda like the first verse, even though I can hardly hear she is singing in German. But unfortunately, the chorus dives so deep into schlagerland that it makes me wanna order a German beer, despite the song being Austrian. Also, if you made me guess, I wouldn’t have a clue if this was in 1994 or 1974. Luckily, her dress and the most bored drummer in the world are there to distract from a horribly boring song a little bit… I think that the stage is worth a mentioning too – we are in the time of having actual stage designs with lights and everything, but apparently not much possibility of “personalizing” it, turning the whole thing a bit into a lottery – one that Austria lost, because the stage doesn’t really benefit this song in my opinion.

RATING: The song is not that bad at doing what it probably is supposed to do. However, I really dislike what it is supposed to be, and it doesn’t help to think about the fact this comes from the 90’s, because it doesn’t sound like it at all. With songs being that dated back then, I can actually easily see why ESC was threatened and transformed by the end of the decade. But as she’s not really doing anything wrong, I’ll still go for a (friendly) 3/10.


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