Why there hasn’t been a Song of the Week anymore

As you might have noticed, SotW did not restart as promised – for which I want to apologize. I started studying at the University of Zurich lately, and despite the popular belief, this does actually take time. My schedule is mainly concentrated to the evening, which is my main writing time, and I don’t want to waste the short time I have to write for writing short routine texts. With Swiss elections upcoming, I am writing one or two (maybe will split it) political texts for another blog. I have 2009 scheduled for a review. There’s ESC Nation’s A song for Barcelona contest, which requires my attention. And of course I have other occupations apart from writing and music.

I hope you understand that I will rather use my little writing time for those texts instead of writing weekly routine texts. And as soon as on-season starts, I will have more to write about here!