Not-so-random ESC Song of last Week (8. – 14. 6. 2015)

TOTO CUTUGNO – INSIEME: 1992 (Italy 1990)

I have spent the last week partly in Milan, where the whole world (with the exception of the Nordics and Australia) came together for the Expo 2015. This was enough reason for me to choose another Italian song that brought not the world, but Europe together – once again, with the exception of (some of) the Nordics.

It was a contest that you couldn’t have planned better, based on historical values: The first one in Yugoslavia, with a surprisingly modern stage compared to the slightly better TV studio I came across when reviewing Nicole’s 82 performance. The first one after the wall came down. The one where, apparently, the EU became a serious thing (or does Toto mean something else with 1992? Serious question for once!) and the Soviet Union really started to look like collapsing. Naturally, there were many “unification” songs (always interesting how tolerant EBU is when there are political messages they like) and one of them even won.

What I don’t get is how it was the one whose performer looked like he was trying to say “Unite, or I’ll make you unite!” or as if he was at a demo. Does Toto ever smile during that performance, or at least stop looking so aggressive? This is the face (and the movements) of a man who takes his life way too seriously! However, he does have a great song, one that has a very anthemic feel to it, and I am the person for that. It’s insanely catchy as well, but the movements of Toto and the slightly totalitarian aesthetics it gets from the big screen with Toto’s face keep distracting me more than they probably intended.

RATING: Insieme: 1992 is a great anthem for unification, and it is very catchy (I am still singing it), it had certainly a very good and professional singer, but it has one big problem, and it’s optical. This man is not one I want to meet in the dark, and it looks slightly too aggressive for a song promoting peace and unity. But it became a classic, and despite the performance problems slightly enhanced by the stage and the use of it, I give this song a deserved 8/10.


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