SOTW summer break

I am a bit too late with that, because apparently, I deleted it instead of posting two weeks ago. Song of the Week will go into a summer break until September, because I am mostly abroad in that time, which means a) no connection to a computer, and embedding YouTube links is something I don’t like doing in WordPress’s app, and b) internet only when there is WiFi. Therefore, no Songs of the Week in summer! I’ll be still posting regular entries occasionally though.


Summer for Eurovision fans: 10 songs for the next months

Summer is coming, and with it come summer hits. As always with music, some people – and if you’re reading a blog about Eurovision in June, you probably belong to them – see things a bit differently than the charts. So here is my non-exclusive list of 10 Eurovision summer hits of the last 60 years, with an emphasis on current music, as you might need a summer playlist of songs that can be played to non-fans as well. Also, this will be a bit of a replacement for SOTW, which is currently on summer break as my internet connection and computer access are limited over the next few weeks. I apologize for not publishing the announcement on time – I though I did but apparently didn’t publish it. Continue reading

Dare to listen to Nina Sublatti!

Some of you might already know how much I liked Georgia’s Nina Sublatti. And you probably also know she already released her debut album “Dare to be Nina Sublatti”, which can be found on her official YouTube channel for free (and by the way, I haven’t found a way to actually buy it yet). So, I decided to give it a listen, and share my opinion with you! To listen along with me, click here. “Dare to be Nina Sublatti” contains ten songs, five original ones and five covers, conveniently grouped together in a first half of originals and a second half of covers. Unfortunately, a quick research wasn’t able to tell me whether Nina wrote the five original songs herself or not, but anyway, they are really worth checking out. Continue reading

Not-so-random Song of the Week (1. – 6. 6. 2015)

Anne-Marie David – Tu Te Reconnaîtras (Luxembourg 1973)

This week has for me personally been dominated by two things: Heat and the ESCNation’s Winner Vote that I hosted. As I haven’t been able to decide on a song for the heat, I went for the winner of the voting: 1973’s Anne-Marie David from Luxembourg. She took the crown of “best winner” in a very exciting, tight voting with only a seven-point-margin to Italy’s Gigliola Cinquetti, but we’ll save that for another day. For now, let’s focus on Anne-Marie. Continue reading

Austrian Adventure – My Eurovision Experience

Having been a fan since Helsinki 07, when I was a cute little eleven year old kid, I knew one thing as soon as I realized that, for the first time in my life, I didn’t have to be anywhere during late spring this year: I would go to the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. I wanted to be sure to experience the full live Eurovision madness before I could risk losing part of my interest in the process of growing up, I wanted to see it with the eyes of the Contest-obsessed late teenager me. Knowing this, Austria winning was great for me for various reasons – I could sleep for free as my mother has a few friends in Vienna, it would be in a country whose language I understand perfectly, it wouldn’t be too far (imagine I’d have had to go to Yerevan!) and flights wouldn’t be the 500 CHF plus journey it would have been if Pollapönk had brought it to Iceland, but a cheap and convenient one-hour-trip available at least four times daily. So, it looked like a pleasant and easy start for my Eurovision live experiences, but losing my ESC virginity (before my “real” one – nothing I’d have expected to happen!) turned out to be quite an adventure anyway…
Continue reading