Not-so-random ESC song of the last two weeks (11. – 24. 5. 2015)

GIPSY.CZ – AVEN ROMALE (Czech Republic 2009)

WAIT, two weeks? And why that song? Why not Heroes? Where has SOTW been so long? Do I really have to rewatch this? That might be some of the questions you were asking yourself when you saw that post, or probably not because you don’t care that much about Music For Europe, or SOTW, or because you already guessed the answer or whatever. But one after the other.First, why two weeks? Well, that’s easy – there wasn’t a song of the week, so now it’s of course a song of two weeks because we don’t want to have any uncovered time, do we? And, by the way, as long as we don’t get over three weeks we don’t even have to change the abbreviation, SOTW still fits perfectly. Now, why that song (and why not Heroes)? That’s an easy one as well – Heroes would probably have the cheapest possible solution, and I don’t aim for the cheapest possible. The final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest saw something very unusual happening – TWO zero-pointers, for the first time since 1997 and only the third time at all, plus the first time we had seen “zero points” in the final since the introduction of semifinals. That’s reason enough to look back at the last song that received zero (in a semifinal) – this one. Where has SOTW been so long? With me, in Vienna. The mobile app of wordpress is pretty good, but I find it rather annoying to use YouTube with it, and I preferred not having a SOTW at all over having one without a video. Don’t worry, we’ll be back to normal once-per-week rhythm now. Do I really have to rewatch this? No you don’t, but I recommend it. It’s more fun than I thought, and I actually kinda liked it before!

I am kinda torn about the song – it makes me clap along and shout AVEN ROMALE! with him whenever I hear it, and as I tend to like their gipsy sound I am very positive towards that song. But after having heard the great musically “serious” selection that we got offered last week, even though it was way too ballad-heavy, this is a bit too messy to work. After having seen that performance, it gets hard to believe that is actually a “real” band that had published two albums (one being 8th and one being 11th in the Czech charts) before the contest, and their lead singer, Radoslav Banga aka Gipsy aka Weird Superhero Guy seems to be a rather successful solo artist as well. In the context of the still rather freaky 2009 contest, this suddenly comes across a lot better than it does compared to 2015, which tells more about the development of the Contest than the quality of Aven Romale.

RATING: The Czechs provided lots of fun, and while it might be a bit of a guilty pleasure compared to the current quality of songs, it still is a pleasure. I can see why it didn’t succeed, as the staging looks even messier than the song already is, but I don’t really get why this got a zero when things like Svetlana Loboda didn’t only make the final, but also the Top 15. Plus, bonus points for the line “Aven Cech, Jagr, pivo” which must be the most accurate description of the Czech Republic I ever heard. I’ll be honest: I kinda like it, and thats why I give Aven Romale 8/10 points.



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