40 things I learned at the Red Carpet

My first Eurovision live experience really kicked off today with the Red Carpet event at the Rathausplatz in Vienna!! It was quite a cool experience to see all the artists walk over the carpet, see what they really look like etc. and I learned quite a bit about some of them! And on top of that, I got to know escgo’s Martin F. which was pretty cool as well! So, what are the things you get to know at the Carpet?
1. Conchita is more popular than The Makemakes in Vienna.
2. Like her entry, nobody really notices Trijntje.
3. My host looks at least a tiny little bit like Stig Rästa.
4. Leonor Andrade’s name gets pronounced very differently from what I thought.
5. Loïc Nottet doesn’t sound THAT girly live as he does in some videos.
6. Bojana really is very popular.
7. Eduard is a crazy boy, but not that slappable in reality.
8. Aminata looks a lot better than on her photos (or on stage)
9. Dark red suits the Armenians better than grey.
10. The Spanish fans are one crazy bunch.
11. Red Glasses (from Il Volo) doesn’t always wear them.
12. That Voltaj guy can sing.
13. I had no idea what Ann Sophie looks like.
14. John Karayannis is a funny person (ok, I knew that before).
15. Monika and Vaidas are pretty cute together off the stage as well.
16. Polina really looks incredible – and got one of the loudest applauses.
17. Knez acts very differently than I’d had expected from his song.
18. Anita is doing good.
19. Raay looks like a cool person.
20. Maria Elena is not too easy to spot.
21. One of the Finns has no idea where to walk to.
22. Mørland isn’t too keen on saying hello.
23. Elnur has some people in his team I never saw before.
24. Bianca is too small to see over the press people’s heads.
25. Nobody cares about Switzerland.
26. Maria Olafs gets less attention than Hera Björk.
27. You’re allowed to speak French only if you’re from France.
28. Guy Sebastian probably expected that there are kangaroos in Vienna.
29. Even Viennese people do the eagle hand move at Albania.
30. Daniel Kajmakoski speaks perfect Austrian.
31. Marta Jandova doesn’t always throw her shoes around.
32. The ESC village is not really prepared for Monika’s wheelchair.
33. Uzari left his ears completely at home.
34. Nina’s black lipstick is great at helping to find her.
35. Amber doesn’t always wear black in public.
36. Budapest is like Vienna.
37. Måns doesn’t say hi either.
38. Nadav’s jacket is ridiculous.
39. The Danes are very popular with interviewers etc.
40. Molly can actually smile if she wants to.

Have a good week and lots of fun with the semis!


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