Not-so-random ESC Song of the Week (25. – 31. 5. 2015)


Until now, SOTW was full of more or less important events of history and world news influencing the song choice, now I allow myself to become a bit egocentric and use the fact that today is my 19th birthday as the reason for this week’s choice (plus the fact I already have a few things to say in my head about this, because I would have used it to honor the winner if there hadn’t been TWO zero-pointers last saturday). So let’s go back to 1968 when the BBC actually had a clue what Eurovision is about! Continue reading


Not-so-random ESC song of the last two weeks (11. – 24. 5. 2015)

GIPSY.CZ – AVEN ROMALE (Czech Republic 2009)

WAIT, two weeks? And why that song? Why not Heroes? Where has SOTW been so long? Do I really have to rewatch this? That might be some of the questions you were asking yourself when you saw that post, or probably not because you don’t care that much about Music For Europe, or SOTW, or because you already guessed the answer or whatever. But one after the other. Continue reading

A few thoughts before the final

We’re only hours away from the 60th Eurovision final, and while I am very jealous of the girl I met last night for having got (apparently free!) final tickets, I am also looking forward to partying with the Georgians on the Vienna Rathausplatz. I’m in Team Nina from now on! (Together with Team Estonia. And Team Maraaya. And about three others…) I dont have time or battery for a full review/prediction post, so I’ll just note a few thoughts on the favourites (mainly) and my Top 10 prediction. Continue reading

40 things I learned at the Red Carpet

My first Eurovision live experience really kicked off today with the Red Carpet event at the Rathausplatz in Vienna!! It was quite a cool experience to see all the artists walk over the carpet, see what they really look like etc. and I learned quite a bit about some of them! And on top of that, I got to know escgo’s Martin F. which was pretty cool as well! So, what are the things you get to know at the Carpet? Continue reading

WANTED: 10 qualifiers from the first semi-final

I have made my predictions about two weeks ago, when I reviewed this year’s contest – but a lot of things were unknown then, mainly the stagings of 39 songs (you can’t tell me you expected any surprises by Mr. Zelmerlöw!) or how well the stage works for each of them. So now, with the first round of rehearsals through and me having watched the impressions and backstage videos, let me update my qualifier prediction.
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Not-so-random ESC Song of the Week (4. – 10. 5. 2015)


In a week where not a lot happened, I was rather glad that history provided a very easy choice for me. Last Friday, it was 70 years since World War Two ended in Europe, which is something happening shockingly unnoticed here in Switzerland – I probably wouldn’t have remembered the date without people from other countries talking about it. In a week like this, nothing seemed more fitting to me than a song about peace, even though some might find it slightly ironic I chose a German song for the end of the Second World War. Continue reading

Not-so-random ESC song of last week (27. 4. – 3. 5. 2015)


It has been the week of the First of May, International Worker’s Day and day of demonstrations all over the world, so what’s more fitting for last week than this demo song coming from Portugal, the country with the longest time without winning, and not changing soon? Seriously, the people responsible for the preselection rules at RTP must have decided sometimes in the 80’s to go drink wine instead of working and use those of last year, and they must have kept that concept until today. This, however, was one of the rather rare cases the Portuguese were courageous and decided not to go for mediocre-to-bad latinesque pop or Disney ballads and chose something completely different (but just as hopeless).
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