The Magnificent Seven – direct finalist’s review

Okay, so we reviewed the 33 semifinalists, but there are still seven songs missing – and some of those are pretty good ones. For obvious reasons, the seven direct finalists can’t be reviewed in running order, so this time it will just be alphabetical. Too bad, because I do kinda like overanalyzing draws… so now, let the review begin!

To listen along with me, here’s the playlist again. Continue reading


17 more bridges built and tested – Semi 2 review

We have checked the first semi yesterday, still in the Blog Ohne Sinn – now I took the whole thing over here, to Music For Europe, for the second semi. Once again, I used preview videos where possible for the review – which means some countries got a live performance rated. But usually I assume it will be a good one, as it’s mostly from the NF, so no reason to search for a studio. No more talking now – may the best ten songs qualify! Continue reading

Testing 16 built bridges – my ESC 2015 semi one review

Here comes the first post on Music For Europe (which used to be a series on my personal, usually German, “Blog ohne Sinn”) – a review of the first semi-final of Eurovision 2015! I’ll try not to talk about live performances as that would be a bit unfair (not everyone had the same conditions concerning venue, sound etc, maybe someone had a bad day…) and judge only based on the preview videos, or the studio version on CD if that’s a live version. So, are you ready? Let’s start Semi 1 then… and may the best ten songs qualify!

To listen along to my review, here’s the playlist with the entries again. Continue reading